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Lingerie and other sensual woman accessories

March - 25 - 2014Comments Off

Some of the most feminine accessories are those that involve lace, satin and fine quality materials, especially if they are meant to cover the most intimate parts of a woman’s body. There is nothing more sensual than a lady wearing a beautifully executed and detailed piece of sexy lingerie, which is precisely why this type […]

Short hairstyles for round faces

February - 16 - 2014Comments Off

It is very important to choose from the many short hairstyles for round faces the one that would suite your personality and the texture of your hair. Nowadays women have started to embrace short hairstyles because they are busy and they do not have time to style their hair every day. Short hair can be […]

Jewelry – The Must Have Accessory

January - 14 - 2014Comments Off

Women have always been and will always be interested in fashion and they will always try to look their best. In today’s world, fashion is not just about the hottest clothes or shoes, but also the perfect accessories and while this category has diversified immensely over the years, coming to include not only handbags and […]

Should I trust negative eyelash extensions reviews?

September - 17 - 2013Comments Off

Because long lashes are becoming a popular trend, many eyelash extensions reviews are circulating online. Experts advise about the potential negative effects this new Hollywood look has, including allergic reactions, infection, loss of your natural lashes and irritation. However, the risk of these side effects is low and can be avoided with proper care.

Black prom hairstyles

September - 3 - 2013Comments Off

There are a lot of black prom hairstyles that you can use on your big day, a lot which you can do on your own. There are a lot of hairstyles that will look good on you but the key to a successful hairstyle is to find something comfortable hairstyle which will last the whole […]

Formal Short Prom Hairstyles

August - 21 - 2013Comments Off

If you are searching for the perfect formal short prom hairstyles then you have come to the right place because here we are going to give some examples of hairstyles that you can use on your big day. For teenagers prom is a very important occasion which is why girls want to have the perfect […]

How to Prevent Hair Loss Due to Stress

April - 2 - 2013Comments Off

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women. Its cause can vary according to the lifestyle of each individual. In some cases, the cause is quite obvious. For example, women who always try new hair color ideas, should pamper their hair with some hair treatments once in a while in order to […]

Simple prom hairstyles for medium hair

December - 27 - 2012Comments Off

There are a lot of simple prom hairstyles for medium hair out there but it is not that easy to pick one because not all of them will look good on you or show off your personality. Prom is the perfect time for young girls to dress up and get their hair done. If you […]

A Russian story, nesting dolls

September - 24 - 2012Comments Off

Each culture has a specific symbol, which speaks out its name perfectly. Talking about the famous country of  Russia, it is hard to choose only one. When you have a tradition for vodka, for cold winters, the princess Anastasia and Rasputin, limiting yourself to only thing might be a shame. Still, who hasn’t heard about […]

Short haircuts for black women

August - 28 - 2012Comments Off

If you are looking for short haircuts for black women then you have come to the right place because here we are going to give you some styles that you can choose from. If you are tired of the same haircut you have had for the last couple of years then maybe it is time […]

Prom hairstyles 2012

August - 3 - 2012Comments Off

If you have your prom this year then our prom hairstyles for 2012 will be of great use to you. Prom is a very important event in a teenager´s life which is why looking good is very important. And this should be a more important event for every teenager that needs to look her best […]

Black short haircuts

August - 2 - 2012Comments Off

There are a lot of black short haircuts out there and one of them is the one for you. If you are an African American you already know the texture of your hair thus making it easy to pick the right hairstyle for you. Many black women choose to cut their hair short because it […]

Short bob haircuts for black women

August - 1 - 2012Comments Off

If you are an Africa American picking from a series of short bob haircuts for black women might be just the thing you need. The bob hairstyle is very versatile meaning that it can fit any face shape and type of women. Not to mention these short haircuts are among the most preferred ones in […]

Casual short haircuts

August - 1 - 2012Comments Off

Busy women are constantly looking for casual short haircuts in magazines because they want a simple cut that does not need much styling. This type of haircut does not fit all occasions, you can rock it if you go to a friend’s party or an outing. There are a lot of casual haircuts out there […]

Curly prom hairstyles

July - 31 - 2012Comments Off

It is quite hard to choose from all the curly prom hairstyles because there are not a lot because it is a very difficult type of hair to style. If you have curly hair you have to style it all the time because if you do not you will look like you are not taking […]

Celebrities super short haircuts

July - 30 - 2012Comments Off

We are sure that you have seen all the celebrities super short haircuts this year and that you are thinking of getting one too. This year you can see a lot of pixie cuts and short bobs among celebrities because they are very easy to maintain and they turn the focus to the face instead […]

Prom hairstyles for long hair

July - 27 - 2012Comments Off

Finding the right prom hairstyle for long hair is not such an easy task because it is a special occasion and you want to look formal but at the same time young. If you want to go traditional then your job is easy, just go to the salon and ask your hairstylist to make a […]

Short haircuts styles

July - 26 - 2012Comments Off

This year short haircut styles are very popular especially among celebrities. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from if you have short hair: pixies, bobs and short shags. If you are a fan of Hollywood you probably already know that there are a lot of celebrities who have embraced this type […]

Cute short haircuts 2012

July - 25 - 2012Comments Off

Most women who are looking for cute short haircuts have a hard time styling long hair so they choose an alternative that requires low maintenance and brings out the beauty of their faces. If you want to look elegant and classy you can achieve it with short hair too. Here we are going to give […]

Braided prom hairstyles

July - 24 - 2012Comments Off

If your prom is approaching then you should know that braided prom hairstyles have become very popular among girls with long and medium hair. By braiding you hair you accentuate de face and you also get that elegant look that you want on this very important day. There are a lot of ways to braid […]