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Buy ribbons and bows to be fashionable

August - 26 - 2014Comments Off

Fashion is a large industry and a widely diverse field, which sometimes makes it very difficult for people, men and women alike, to stay up to date with the latest trends and the newest concepts. However, everyone wants to be stylish and fashionable and usually find all sorts of artifices to make that happen. Most […]

Have you ever looked at your closet and wanted to throw half of it away? Do you own some simple and uninspiring pieces of clothing which you feel are no longer in the trends? Fashion experts cannot argue with the fact that as beautiful and elegant the simple pieces may be, this season has brought […]

A perfect face – the most fashionable accessory

August - 21 - 2014Comments Off

All women admire or are even envious of fashion models, who always look breathtaking and never show their age. It’s not just their bodies that are stunning, but also their faces. You might think that it is due to the extensive make-up that they wear, but even without make-up they look amazing, which might seem […]

The introduction of gemstones in fashion

August - 1 - 2014Comments Off

Fashion truly is a grand place and there is a bit of room for everything. No matter how interesting and strange you idea might sound there must be place in the world of fashion for you. Having said this, you have to keep you mind open and allow imagination to cross as many borders as […]

Modeling has taken impressive turns in the last few years. Not that many people know this, but modeling is a field existing since the 1920s. This is how old modeling really is. As time passed, it has gone through various changes of all kinds. Not only has the prototype of beauty suffered real modifications, but […]

This is the short and hopefully funny story of how I got my first contract in the modeling world and started a career in the field. Although I now laugh at the mere though of what happened, the series of events leading to my first job at a promotional model agency was not so fortunate […]

The perfect prom night

June - 26 - 2014Comments Off

Every girl fantasizes about her prom night. From the moment in which you start high school, you begin imagining your prom dress. It is all that simple. You think of the model you will choose, the color and fabric, you think of the shoe you will wear and the way in which you will fix […]

Women should start taking care of their skins from an early age. Of course that does not mean using anti-aging treatments at eighteen, but they should avoid sun exposure as much as possible, not to mention that professional skin care creams are a must. In the end, no matter what you do, wrinkles will appear, […]

Where to buy Hyalgan

June - 16 - 2014Comments Off

Hyalgan has proven to be a significant help in relieving knee and joint pain and many physicians are prescribing it to patients both alone and in combination with other painkillers or relievers. Based on hyaluronic acid, these injections are great for patients with osteoarthritis but not only. Studies have shown that the injections give excellent […]

The latest trends in clubbing fashion

June - 11 - 2014Comments Off

If there were one activity that will always be synonymous to fashion, then that activity would definitely be clubbing. Whether you are an 18-year old student who wants to socialize with friends or a 30-something looking for some relaxation after work, there is definitely a club for you out there. If you can blend vacation […]

As modern medicine progresses, people are starting to be interested in non-invasive procedures that can restore their health and their beauty. These days the popularity of dermal fillers continues to rise among people of all ages, especially women, because everyone wants to look as good as possible and not show their age. Even though there […]

Understanding the Risks of Plastic Surgeries

April - 11 - 2014Comments Off

Plastic surgeries may seem like beauty miracles or time cheats, but the fact it that they come with numerous risks. While a few people who undergo such surgeries turn up just fine, others encounter both medical as well as psychological problems.

Lingerie and other sensual woman accessories

March - 25 - 2014Comments Off

Some of the most feminine accessories are those that involve lace, satin and fine quality materials, especially if they are meant to cover the most intimate parts of a woman’s body. There is nothing more sensual than a lady wearing a beautifully executed and detailed piece of sexy lingerie, which is precisely why this type […]

Short hairstyles for round faces

February - 16 - 2014Comments Off

It is very important to choose from the many short hairstyles for round faces the one that would suite your personality and the texture of your hair. Nowadays women have started to embrace short hairstyles because they are busy and they do not have time to style their hair every day. Short hair can be […]

Jewelry – The Must Have Accessory

January - 14 - 2014Comments Off

Women have always been and will always be interested in fashion and they will always try to look their best. In today’s world, fashion is not just about the hottest clothes or shoes, but also the perfect accessories and while this category has diversified immensely over the years, coming to include not only handbags and […]

Simple yet Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles

December - 15 - 2013Comments Off

You don’t need to go to a hair salon in order to achieve fabulous wedding hairstyles. With the right inspiration, anyone can create sophisticated hairstyles within the comfort of their homes. In this article, we have gathered some simple yet fabulous hairstyles for long hair.

Finding the perfect gift for your partner can seem intimidating, especially since he already has all that he needs. However, the latest innovations continue to surprise everyone, so we recommend you to opt for one of the best mens electric shavers that can offer him many advantages and benefits.

Nowadays, there are no ugly women, but only lazy or poor women. Celebrities who can afford both expensive products and personal stylists can maintain their good looks for years. Therefore, it is often hard to determine if a famous person is naturally beautiful or not. Lets dig deeper into the Kim Kardashian plastic surgery rumors and see whether or not the gorgeous brunette is a natural beauty.

Should I trust negative eyelash extensions reviews?

September - 17 - 2013Comments Off

Because long lashes are becoming a popular trend, many eyelash extensions reviews are circulating online. Experts advise about the potential negative effects this new Hollywood look has, including allergic reactions, infection, loss of your natural lashes and irritation. However, the risk of these side effects is low and can be avoided with proper care.

Black prom hairstyles

September - 3 - 2013Comments Off

There are a lot of black prom hairstyles that you can use on your big day, a lot which you can do on your own. There are a lot of hairstyles that will look good on you but the key to a successful hairstyle is to find something comfortable hairstyle which will last the whole […]