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Black short haircuts

August - 2 - 2012

There are a lot of black short haircuts out there and one of them is the one for you. If you are an African American you already know the texture of your hair thus making it easy to pick the right hairstyle for you. Many black women choose to cut their hair short because it is easy to maintain it and style it. The trend this year is short hair and we have already seen a lot of celebrities rocking this look. A good example for this type of haircut is Rihanna, she has made an appearance recently on the red carpet flaunting a mini orange haircut which suites her perfectly.

Of course that there are even more to see if you need to admire some fabulous short bob celebrity hairstyles that are guaranteed to catch your interest and make you get some photos to your hairdresser. In fact, as Mother’s Day approaches, a short haircut appointment gift can really do the trick for your mom.

Black short haircuts

Here are some ideas for black short haircuts:

  • No matter how you like your hair: curly, wavy or straight, if you want to look sexy and daring you should cut your hair in layers.
  • There are a lot of celebrities that can inspire you for a short haircut, some of them are: Rihanna and Halle Berry. Every time we see these two celebrities on the red carpet they look amazing with their short hair. Womens fashion has been influenced a lot by these talented ladies; not only are they beautiful, but they have excellent taste and style. While Rihanna likes to experiment and comes up with new looks and trends every time, Halle Berry is mostly appreciated for a kind of constancy in her appearance, fact which only proves she has style. Their line of short haircuts popularized numerous hairstyles in women’s fashion; a great example is Halle’s short cropped haircut which she has come back to several times over the years.
  • Another source of inspiration for short haircuts is the hype hair magazine. Here you can see the latest trends in haircuts and hair color.
  • Just because you have short hair that does not mean it needs to be boring, you can add class and texture by styling it a little bit.
  • If you want to maintain the same hairstyle you got at the salon you have to pay attention to the way the stylist cut your hair.
  • If you want to get the perfect haircut you have to find out what is the texture of your hair.
  • The perfect way to cut your hair short is cutting it dry. By cutting your hair when dry instead of wet you can create better angles.
  • to add volume to any short haircut use hot rollers

Black short haircuts

So, if you are looking for black short haircuts for yourself or for a hairstyle salon, to make a short haircut appointment gift, you should go online and look for photos from the red carpet or you can look in the magazines that present the hottest trend in haircuts. No matter what type of short haircut you choose make sure that it suites your face and that you do not have to spend hours to style it. You can look feminine and sexy with a short haircut too, you do not have to braid you hair in order to look romantic.

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