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Burgundy hair color

April - 6 - 2012

Many of you may have heard about the burgundy hair color trend but too few of you tried it because the burgundy hair color can be a very bold choice. The burgundy hair color is a mix between an alternative of red with a little of rich brown color in it. If you’re a brunette or a redhead the burgundy hair color trend will fit you perfectly. But be careful because this hot new and trendy color won’t match with anyone. The girls with a Hispanic type skin can get a full burgundy hair color to make a change. If you’re having a skin tone like Rihanna has, you can try a two toned look using the burgundy hair color trend to impress and to be bolder.

Burgundy hair color

When you want to try a new change of look and you want to try the burgundy hair color then you should have a talk to your hairstylist to see if this change will fit you and what kind of products to use not to do too much damage on your hair. The burgundy hair color is a really difficult color, so don’t you even think to try this at home! You’d better go to a salon if you want a good change on your look.

If you want to have a change in your life, then try the burgundy hair color trend on yourself and I can guarantee you that you will walk more confident on the street because everyone will turn to see you passing by. It will give an eccentric but also in the same time classy look that will have an amazing effect on men. The burgundy hair color will turn you into an irresistible person but you also have to be very careful with it.

Burgundy hair color

The most important thing if you will wear the burgundy hair color is that you have to keep it for always shinny and healthy if you want to be flawless.

If you’re one of the women who can’t wear an entire burgundy hair color, you can also take the alternative of having highlights only. By introducing the burgundy hair color trend to your look by adding highlights it will make your hairstyle bolder and greater.

Burgundy hair color

Never rely on the hair color that you buy it from the supermarket, the color that you see it on the box is often made by a specialist and after that Photoshopped. Always ask a specialist when you want to make this kind of big change and he will give you the best advice!

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