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Curly prom hairstyles

July - 31 - 2012

It is quite hard to choose from all the curly prom hairstyles because there are not a lot because it is a very difficult type of hair to style. If you have curly hair you have to style it all the time because if you do not you will look like you are not taking care of yourself. It can be tricky to style you hair on your own which is why on your prom day you should go to a salon just to be sure that you get the look you want. Here we have some tips and ideas for curly prom hairstyles. These tips are easy to apply and they will help you do your hair quickly and effortlessly so that you can also tend to other elements of your prom look such as your makeup or your nail designs.

Curly prom hairstyles

  • If you have decided to do an up do make sure that you have everything that you need: pins, hair spray, curl iron, hair bands and a comb. It is easier to do your hair when you have all the things that you need at your disposal.
  • When you roll you hair you can choose between a curl iron and hot rollers. No matter what method you choose make sure that you ask a friend or you mom to help you because there will be places that you can not reach like the back of your head.
  • If you want your hair to last and look natural make sure that you use only products of high quality. By doing this your curls will last the entire night and you will not have a hard time washing your hair.
  • If you were born with a curly hair but you want to do something different with your hair not just style it you can. Start by straightening your hair and continue styling your hair using a curling iron. This way you can create what texture you want: wavy or loose curls.
  • If you want to achieve a look in just five minutes braid your hair or hold it in place using a head band or some hair pins, and you’ll achieve some simple, but effective prom hairstyles.
  • If you are having difficulties styling your hair you should ask you mom to help you or go to a salon. You do not want to make experiments on your hair on prom day.

We hope that you will take into consideration our curly prom hairstyles and that they will make your job easier on your big day. Prom is a special event for every teenage girl which is why the hair, the dress, the nail designs and shoes must be perfect.

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