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There comes a time in every girl’s life where she has to do a full wardrobe clean-up. It will be messy and you will have to say goodbye to some of the clothes that you haven’t worn for years, but at least you will clear some space for new items. Most of the time, you end up with three piles after you do this: the ones that you wear all the time and that you keep, the ones that you don’t really wear and that go to charity, friends and family and the ones that you have to throw away because they have become too old or out of fashion. However, you will also discover a fourth pile, of clothes that you really love, but you cannot use anymore because they are too old or because they have flaws. Fortunately, with a bit of creativity you can reuse and revamp your old clothes. So if, you really don’t have the heart to say goodbye to your high-school jeans or the top that your wore for years, here are some tips that can help you give them a fresh new look. After all, a true fashionista doesn’t run to the mall whenever she reads the latest fashion tips, but she knows how to make the most out of the clothes that she already owns.

First of all, find out what exactly makes your clothes unwearable. If it’s age, then look for ways in which you can fix the broken parts. One of the best fashion tips of all times refers to a simple way in which you can make fuzzy clothes look brand new. All you need is a classic razor. Gently slide the razor on an old fuzzy blouse, and you will see how the fuzz slowly gathers on your razors. In order to make such a blouse appear to be in an even better shape, iron it consistently in order to smothen the smallest fuzz that the razor was unable to gather. For more seirous time damages, you can either take your clothes to a tailor or you can invest in your own set of sewing tools. Accessories help cover up flaws: for example, if a blouse is torn, you can cover it up with a piece of similar material, a fabric flower or a ribbon. In fact, accessories can transform your clothes completely. For example, you can buy ribbons online in a larger quantity and  keep them at home in case you want to spice up an outfit. Small ribbons can be used for head bands, while larger, silk ribbons can easily replace a belt. This season, you can get away with wearing old clothes, because the torn-up effect is in. In fact, that old pair of distressed jeans that you wore for years may even be bought at ten times the price in fast-fashion chains! The same goes for checkered shirts and acid wash prints.

Secondly, if the item you love has gone out of fashion, you can transform it. Little can be done about the print, but if it’s the cut that bothers you, then you can easily fix the problem. For instance, you can turn turtleneck blouses into boat neck ones or you can cut bell sleeves off elegant blouses. If you really love how flattering the top side of a dress is, but you really hate the bottom part, then cut it and turn it into a blouse. Of course, you have to be aware of the fact that some clothes cannot always be recycled and you can only wear them around the house or keep them as memories. As for the rest, there will always be cute ribbon that can fix it or an online pin that can give you an idea on how to reuse it.

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