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Long sleeve Polo shirts

October - 11 - 2011

The polo shirt was conceived by the famous tennis men Rene Lacoste in 1926 but in time it has suffered a lot of changes. The change we are going to talk about is the polo shirt with long sleeves which looks a lot like a rugby shirt. Polo shirts with long sleeves are pieces of clothing which can be worn all years round. The thing about this shirt is that it is very versatile, can be worn with other pieces of clothing like layering, according to season. You can find it in two material: wool or cotton.

To make the difference between the two we are going to present you the differences

The rugby shirt:

-is considered to be more sporty than the Polo shirt with long sleeves
-as far as quality is concerned the rugby shirt is more resistant than the polo shirt with long sleeves
-it has collars which are always contrastant a thing which we can not say about the polo shirt
-you can only find it in horizontal stripes

A beautiful model of polo shirts is the one made by Charles Tyrwitt which has long sleeves, has shirt turn downs and has the same print as the collar.

Other types of polo shirts come with a pocket situated on the chest.

Given the fact that you can find polo shirt in many colors and stripes you will be able to find the right one for every outfit. You can even wear a polo shirt with a tie and a trench or a leather jacket or you can wear it underneath a shirt and with a tie.

To sum up polo shirt are very popular among men simply because they can be worn with almost anything. You can buy a wide range of color and make some outfits for different occasions. Polo shirt have been worn for many years and have suffered a lot of changes and we are sure that the changes will not stop here.

Polo shirt with long sleeve are a smart choice for fall outfits, you can match them with jeans or casual pants, with a leather jacket or a trench.

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