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This is the short and hopefully funny story of how I got my first contract in the modeling world and started a career in the field. Although I now laugh at the mere though of what happened, the series of events leading to my first job at a promotional model agency was not so fortunate and there were times when I wanted to give up on the entire idea. What kept me going was my mother’s advice that I needed to struggle a little if I wanted to reach my goals and fulfill my dreams so this is exactly what I did, only to discover later that there were far easier and faster methods of getting a break in the industry than the one I tried, but what can you do? I was young and had no experience, which is precisely why I am writing here today, so as to provide a helping hand and offer a little but of my personal experience to whomever is searching for a piece of advice about modeling. Without further ado, here is the recollection of my begging in this world as well as the ascent that followed.

It all started one afternoon in summer when I was walking through the local mall and noticed a group of four extremely good looking girls advertising a local brand to all of the passers by. One of them approached me and I got the courage to ask how much they were making. After hearing how short their working hours were and how big the financial reward was for this service, I could help but be amazed. Not to mention that seeing the glamour of their outfits and looking at the perfect make up and styling is something every girl dreams about! So I decided to do the same. However, because I was new to the business, meaning I had no one to ask about the way things work, I had a very slow and embarrassing start. I began to send out my resume to all of the product companies in my area thinking that one of them is bound to select me for a promotion in the future. But this future never came… So I sent out more CVs and more application letter for the position of promotional or marketing model which I though that every company had. Bad idea! My letters went unanswered and I was feeling disappointed until something changed.


After complaining to a friend about my rejection, she laughed and told me I had been approaching this issue the wrong way. There are professional companies in the field which can help you land those campaigns and get some of the jobs I was seeking. No large scale or reputable corporation would trust to collaborate with an individual sending resumes to their mail. They do however make frequent contracts with the agencies for marketing models that in turn provide them with the necessary staff members. I immediately knew what I needed to do. I searched online and starting going to interviews at the best agencies I could find. In less than a month I was working for a professional and experienced promotional model agency and had more events to go to than I could handle!

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