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MyPoints network encourages and stimulates online shopping, by rewarding its customers fidelity with rewards points which can be converted into gift cards, cash back or even travel miles. This has been the first rewards site ever created for online retail and, at the moment, it still ranks first in terms of popularity, credibility and reward.

This brand new marketing strategy of attracting new customers and turning potential customers into loyal active customers came out from the need of expanding the market teritory; also, the news has spread quickly, as people were delighted to have a second advantage, besides the more facile and less expensive way of shopping. They have a large range of options, from internationaly renowned brands to small local retailers; for every single small purchase and every tranzaction made, the client gets a number of reward points which can be redeemed for other facilities, the most preferred of the valuable rewards being the discount coupons to favourite stores or restaurants.

There are plenty of categories available for searching the products you need to buy, from automotive to clothing, from  books and magazines to food and drinks, from electronics to weddings, etc.  Depending on the brand’s fame and category, there are different levels of reward points to get; for example, for every dollar you pay in order to shop online from Gap retailer, you get four reward points. The client is promised to get MyPoints Gap coupons and rewards by shopping online and lots of other facilities, such asa free shipping, low prices and a large diversity of products.

This online reward shopping site provides six MyPoints Gap coupons and rewards that can pe used in purchasing Gap products online: free everyday shipping on $50+ orders, big savings on sale items, Gap women’s sale, babayGap boys sale, GapKids girl’s sale and GapKids boy’s sale.

Although Gap provides lots of products at really low prices that are very attractive to buy, it also rewards its clients by paying them back with reward points which can be converted in other products or totally different rewards, such as cash back (this also provides the opportunity of charitable donatinons by giving the online shopping earnings to social institutions in need, or just depositing your paid back cash to your PayPal account or your Visa Prepaid card), gift cards (discpunts and grants in your favourite stores or restaurants), or the posibility to travel using travel related gift cards (known as the “travel miles” option).

After all,  MyPoints Gap coupons and rewards make online shopping a lot more attractive and preferred by Gap clients and customers, both old and new.


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