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There are a lot of simple prom hairstyles for medium hair out there but it is not that easy to pick one because not all of them will look good on you or show off your personality. Prom is the perfect time for young girls to dress up and get their hair done. If you have medium hair there are a lot of prom hairstyles that you can choose from simple to very sophisticated. It is true that you do not have as many options as girls with long hair but with some hair accessories and waves you will look as pretty as a girl with long hair. Furthermore a little creativity will even turn short haircuts for women into head turning hair styles. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use on your hair on prom night but you must always remember that style is timeless whereas trends are fleeting. Therefore you should always try to pick hairstyles that complement your face even if they are not part of the latest trends.

Simple prom hairstyles for medium hair

Here are some simple prom hairstyles for medium hair that you can choose from:

  • Looped Ponytail

The looped ponytail is the simplest hairstyle that you can use for prom. To achieve this hairstyle you do not even have to go to the salon you can do it in the comfort of your home. What you have to do is pull you hair tights back and hold it in place with a band. Once the ponytail is complete take a curl iron and start curling your tail. Curl you hair until you get the texture you want and you are good to go.

  • Messy, Teased Bun

If you want volume in your hair on your prom a good way to achieve that would be by teasing your hair. Take a section of your hair and a comb and start brushing your hair towards the scalp. Stop brushing when you have reached the volume you want. The only section you should not tease is the top of your head. Pull all your hair with care back to create a bun. You can add some hair accessories if you want, like: hair pins or hair bands. Although you do need longer hair for this hairstyle, you may be able to achieve it with hairstyles for short hair as well, by creating a fake bun out of teased hair. The principle is the same, except you have less to work with and more skill is required. All in all, you can achieve unique hairstyles for short hair as well, but your options are limited.

  • Underside Twist

This hairstyle is very simple to achieve and look amazing on someone with medium hair. Tease your hair and create a ponytail. Between the head and the base of the ponytail create a hole. Through that hole loop the hair from the ponytail inside out. After you have done this fan the hair standing up.

These are the simple prom hairstyles for medium hair that we think will look good on any teenager. They will make you look fresh and young just like you age. Just because you are going to a formal event that does not mean that you should look like an adult. And if none of these ideas work for you, then perhaps you should try some short haircuts for women. They are a lot easier to style and as you have probable seen on red carpet events, they can be extremely elegant and stylish. In order to make a breathtaking prom appearance you should pick a hairstyle that represents you and that shows off your beautiful features.

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